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Order must be preserved to keep your residents safe and happy. Rampant crime deteriorates your city’s image and value over time. Build a Police Station to cut down on crime and make your residents feel more safe and secure.

Select your preferred structure and move your cursor over the map. As you survey a suitable location, the roads around your building cursor are highlighted to indicate the law enforcement structure’s coverage area. Once you are satisfied with the location, left-click to place the building.

A Police Station can only protect a limited area, and as your city grows, the long arm of the law should extend to all residents in your city. Place additional police stations or add more patrol car lots to an existing station to increase your police presence within the city. As your police force grows, your law enforcement agencies can even provide limited coverage to neighboring cities.

Police Stats[edit | edit source]

While the Police menu is open, use System Info to view different important stats. The data shown indicates the number of crimes committed per day, how many criminals there are, and how many arrests are made.

Police Maps[edit | edit source]

While on the Police menu, use the Data Map buttons to switch between different data maps.

Crime: View areas where there is crime activity and where your police services are covered. Use this map to move your police services to high-level crime areas.

Crime Arson.png Arson - Criminals randomly start fires, potentially spreading across the city.

Crime Embezzlement.png Embezzlement - Corruption causes leaks in your finances.

Crime Mugging.png Mugging - Scares high- and medium-wealth citizens.

Crime Murder.png Murder - A capital crime, murder scares away citizens.

Crime Robbery.png Robbery -

Crime Shoplifting.png Shoplifting -

Crime Tax Evasion.png Tax Evasion -

Crime Apprehended.png Apprehension - A criminal has been apprehended by the police.

Education: View what the education levels are for Residential and Industrial zones, and see where students are located.

Police Buildings[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Police stations and patrol cars prevent crimes and arrest criminals.
  • Criminals start as uneducated kids.
  • If criminals are successful they commit worse crimes.
  • Police take criminals to holding cells.
  • Once criminals serve their time they are rehabilitated and released.
  • If holding cells are full criminals are released early.
  • Criminals can travel from neighboring cities that have high crime.
  • The Detective Wing allows police to arrest criminals in their homes.
  • Criminals are attracted to commercial areas.
  • Police Helicopters can track and arrest criminals in their homes.