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Build a shuttle bus system to pick up and drop off low-wealth Sims, allowing them to travel around the city without a car. Be sure to build a number of bus stops around the city to provide the best coverage possible for your Sims.

Bus Stats[edit | edit source]

While on the Bus tab of the Mass Transit menu, you can view key info in the lower right. Check on how many Sims ride per day and the average wait time for a bus.

Bus buildings[edit | edit source]

Bus Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Buses reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • All buses use the same bus stops.
  • Only low and medium wealth Sims will use buses.
  • Buses bring commuters and tourists from outside your city.
  • Buses provide a way for homeless to leave the city.
  • The Bus Terminal will transport Sims between cities.
  • Sims will walk 400 meters to a bus stop.
  • Commercial buildings like bus stops.